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Máquina de tricotar circular



A machine for knitting collars, hems, etc

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It belongs to knitted weft knitting. Usually, it is used to weave double-sided sheet fabrics such as collars and hems, or single-sided tubular fabrics such as shaped sheep sweaters, most of which have fine texture.
There are circular knitting machines and circular hosiery machines. The needle bed of circular knitting machine is cylindrical and circular. The diameter of the needle cylinder is generally 356-965mm (14-38 inches), and the machine number is generally E16-E32. It is mainly used for processing knitted rough cloth of various structures.
Circular hosiery machine is used to produce various cylindrical socks. The needle cylinder diameter of the machine is small, generally 71-141mm; The machine number is E7.5-E36.

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