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Understand the main mechanism and working principle of the circular weft knitting machine. Master the adjustment method of some process parameters.


1. Objective:
(1) Understand the main mechanism and working principle of the circular weft knitting machine.
(2) Master the adjustment method of some process parameters.
2 Main instruments and equipment:
One Lida UBX circular weft knitting machine, one set of hexagonal wrenches, two spare needles, triangles and tweezers
3 Basic knowledge
The models of circular weft knitting machines are different, but in terms of their basic composition and structure, many parts are similar, including the following parts:
1. Yarn barrel and yarn frame, 2. Yarn feeding device and yarn guide, 3. Weaving mechanism, mainly including needle barrel, needle barrel and needle Needle cylinder triangle (single side machine) or needle disk, needle disk needle, needle disk triangle (double side machine), sinker ring, sinker, sinker triangle. 4. Pulling mechanism, 5. Take up mechanism, 6. Electrical control box, control panel and auxiliary device. Unlike flat knitting machine, the needle cylinder triangle of circular knitting machine is fixed, the knitting needle moves up and down in the needle slot under the control of the needle cylinder triangle while following the circular motion of the needle cylinder, and the sinker ring and the needle cylinder are fixed together for synchronous rotation. The sinker rotates circularly and moves radially under the control of the sinker triangle to complete the loop forming process of the yarn with the help of the knitting needle.
4 Experimental Steps and Methods
(1) Change the yarn feeding volume
The yarn conveying capacity, calculated by the length of one revolution of the machine, can be changed in two ways:
Change the diameter of the pulley.
Change the combination of pulley.
It is usually sufficient to change the pulley diameter. The method is as follows:
Step 1: Stop the machine.
Step 2: Use the belt tensioner to loosen the toothed belt.
Step 3: Use "C" type plate pliers to loosen the locknut.
Step 4: Grasp the fixed disc of Q.A.P. by hand and turn its adjusting disc to the required diameter.
Step 5: Tighten the locknut and tighten the toothed belt.
If it is not possible to adjust Q.A.P.LA to achieve the required yarn feeding volume, new pulley matching can be used.
(2) Change yarn consumption
Step 1: Stop the machine and pay attention to the pointer in the altimeter.
Step 2: Use the Allen wrench to turn the adjusting nut of the center adjustment system. Turn counterclockwise to increase yarn consumption, and turn clockwise to decrease yarn consumption.
Step 3: Adjust Q.A.P. after changing yarn intake to meet the adjusted tension.
Step 4: Turn the machine slowly until the yarn tension is normalized.
Step 5: Check the tension of the cloth rolling machine.
In order to achieve more accurate yarn consumption adjustment, all needle cylinder triangles are engraved with concave convex blocks limiting the adjustment range of the triangle to ensure that each knitting mouth can achieve the same yarn consumption.
(3) Operation of needle replacement
First, turn off the power of the machine, and use the Allen wrench to remove the triangle block on the position of the needle to be replaced
(4) Arrange and change the position of floating line, gathering circle and forming circle triangle according to the organization requirements.
5、 Experimental results

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